This Week at MBC

  Monday thru Sunday
         May 22 - 28 


MONDAY      _         May 22_       God's Promises: He gives strength to the weary
                                                                            and increases the power of the weak
                                                                                                Isaiah 40:29  

TUESDAY   ____   May 23_      6:00pm Healthy Lifestyle class
                                                             Vicki is the instructor
WEDNESDAY   _   May 24         7:00pm   Famlies on Mission

 THURSDAY     _    May 25          7:00 pm Men's Fellowship

                   May 26 
          8:00 am    Breakfast Fellowship at
                                                                          Ken's Country Kitchen 
                                                                       40280 Hayes, Clinton Twp.
                                                                            (South of 18 Mile Rd)

                                                          7:00pm-9:00pm Women's Bible Study
                                                                           for young women 20-30 years old.
                                                                          Contact the church for more information
 SATURDAY       __ May 27        God's Promises: For whosoever shall call upon
                                                                                    the Lord shall be saved.
                                                                                                  Romans 10:13

SUNDAY___   ___May 28_        9:30 am Bible Study class for Adults-infants 
                                                     11:00am  Worship Service 
                                                      Durning the service the Infants thru preschool
                                                      bible class will be available
                                                       6:00 pm  Church Service is canceled in support
                                                        of Memorial Day Weekend.