This Week at MBC

  Monday thru Sunday
   January 15th-21th


MONDAY      _       January 15             6:00 pm Deaf Fellowship
                                                                            at Kens Country Kitchen


TUESDAY   ___    January  16             2:00 pm Healthy Lifestyle Class
WEDNESDAY   _  January 17             7:00 pm  Bible Study 'First Peter"
                                                                         For the whole Family!
THURSDAY     _    January 18                           Quote for the New Year:
                                                        Prayer- Don't give God instructions -just report for

                 January 19
              8:00 am    Breakfast Fellowship at
                                                                                     Ken's Country Kitchen 
                                                                                    40280 Hayes, Clinton Twp.

SATURDAY__       January 20             9:00 pm-11:00 am Church Council Meeting

SUNDAY____        January 21              9:30 am Bible Study Infants-Adults
                                                                   11:00 am Worship Service
                                                                   12:30  Women's Luncheon
                                                                    6:00 pm Children Bible Drill/
                                                                        Mission Classes for Youth & Adults