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Happy fall everyone!!    We are making plans to get together soon!   Stay in touch.   

We are live streaming Deaf Worship on September 12, 2020  5pm on Facebook under "Memorial Baptist Church Sterling Heights, MI".   Find us there and worship with us!!!  Get information in our September Newsletteron this website 


If you need any help during this pandemic, contact us.




POST DATE:   July 1, 2020

Happy Summer!    We are "social distancing"....MBC is having outside services at 11am on Sundays.  We are interpreting in ASL so bring your mask and a chair and join us!!

We are hoping to start monthly Deaf Worship dinner and worship again in September.   We will let you know as soon as we can!!!!   Contact us if you need anything!!!!


Post Date:   June 1, 2020

We are still staying home to be safe.  Memorial Baptist Church remains closed.  We are hoping to open as soon as we get the release from our State.   Be in prayer for each other as we wait patiently to return to "normal".  We are still live streaming our services in ASL  on Sundays at 11am and Wednesday at 7pm.  Check us out on Facebook and You Tube


Post Date:   May 1, 2020

"Stay Home Stay Safe" executive order has been a change for all of us.  I pray you and your family are doing ok.  

We are still live streaming Sunday 11am and Wewdnesday 7pm services on Facebook & You Tube under Memorial Baptist Church Sterling Hegihts, Michigan.   Join us every week.

DEAF FELLOWSHIP & WORSHIP IS CANCELED FOR MAY AND JUNE and afterwards if the executive order is not discontinued.  

Stay in touch with us.


Post Date:   April 3, 2020

We pray all of you reading this are staying home to be safe!   We are still here on the internet so do not hesitate to contact us if you would like prayer, have a need or need to "talk" to someone!!!    

We will be live streaming Sunday morning 11 am.   We will interpret the service so join us and "SIGN" along with the music!!!

All services and events are canceled until further notice.  WE WILL LIVE STREAM DEAF WORSHIP APRIL 11TH AT 6 pm on Facebook.  Afterwards , we will post the service on YouTube and Facebook so you can view it anytime. Search for "Memorial Baptist Church Sterling Heights, Michigan".

EASTER:  We will live stream Good Friday and Easter services. See the This Week at Memorial link.

MBC Website:       For Deaf Ministry Information click on "Deaf Ministry"


REMEMBER:  Jesus said  "I am with you always"




Post date:   March 27, 2020

All services and events are canceled at Memorail Baptist Church until further notice because of the Virus.  DEAF WORSHIP APRIL 11TH IS CANCELED.

We will be LIVE STREAMING from Facebook and U Tube the Sunday 11am services, Wednesday 7pm services and DEAF WORSHIP SERVICE April 11th 6pm Service.  Phyllis will be interpreting these services.   They will be posted on Facebook and U-Tube for your viewing anytime....join MEMORIAL BAPTIST CHURCH.STERLING HEIGHTS MICHIGAN....if you have trouble, contact us and we will try to help you connect with us.

Stay in...stay safe...and remember God gives us peace the world does not Him because he will work all this for His good.



Post date:  March 20, 2020



Post date:   March 19, 2020

MBC Deaf Ministry Announcement

In compliance with the government requirements, we will cancel all MBC Church events for the month of March (which includes 11am Worship and Sunday Night Deaf Bible Study Class).  We will live stream the 11am service, which will be interpreted for our Deaf friends.    You can see it on Facebook….just search:

Memorial Baptist Church, Sterling Heights.

We will send updates on our webpage:  (click on Deaf Ministries)

If you have any needs during this time,

please contact us at: 

Text/Voice:  586-6105-4607 or VP:  586-580-8327


Post date:   March 13, 2020

We will have Fellowship and Worship on Saturday and Sunday, March 14 & 15th.  Memorial Baptist Church Family is taking steps to keep us safe as possible from the virus.  Make decisions for your family as you see needed.



Post Date:   February 5, 2020

Happy "love" month!!  I am praying we will all remember God's love for us...the unconditional love we all need.

His love that sent Jesus as our Savior.

Join us for Deaf worship  February 8th...we will look at Gods love for us.


Post Date:  January 2020

Happy New Year!!!!   I hope you will plan to join us this month as we start the new year together.  Saturday January 11th at 5pm at MBC!!!!


MOVIE NIGHT:   January 25th....join us at 5pm t see the new movie "OVERCOMER"  It will be captioned



Post Date:  December 10, 2019

Marry Christmas!!!!  I hope you are having a great time celebrating the birth of Jesus.  I hope you will join us on December 14th at 5pm for our annual Christmas dinner and worship service.  The Memorial Signing Choir will present Christmas Music in ASL.   

Many people will need encouragement, comfort and joy this season.  Be the person who gives that special gift::  your time, resources, a smiling face, a warm hug, friendship, laughter, smiles......remember that it is more blessed to give than to receive!!!!!  



Post Date:   November 4, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving!!!   I hope you can join us for our annual Thanksgiving dinner on November 9th....Turkey and all the trimmins!!

If not, we pray you and your families will have a blessed Thanksgiving.

Remember...count your many blessings!! You will be surprised what the Lord has done!!!!