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Post Date:  December 10, 2019

Marry Christmas!!!!  I hope you are having a great time celebrating the birth of Jesus.  I hope you will join us on December 14th at 5pm for our annual Christmas dinner and worship service.  The Memorial Signing Choir will present Christmas Music in ASL.   

Many people will need encouragement, comfort and joy this season.  Be the person who gives that special gift::  your time, resources, a smiling face, a warm hug, friendship, laughter, smiles......remember that it is more blessed to give than to receive!!!!!  



Post Date:   November 4, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving!!!   I hope you can join us for our annual Thanksgiving dinner on November 9th....Turkey and all the trimmins!!

If not, we pray you and your families will have a blessed Thanksgiving.

Remember...count your many blessings!! You will be surprised what the Lord has done!!!!



Post Date:   September 4, 2019

It is so exciting to see God's Handiwork as HE changes the seasons.   Take time this fall to enjoy His creation....meditate on His faithfulness!!!

Special service this month (9/14)  as we remember and honor those whose lives were lost on 9/11.  Pray for the families as they remember this tragic day.


POST Date:    August 1, 2019


We hope you are enjoying summer with family and friends.  Take this opportunity to take vacation time for rest and renewal.  

Join us for August Deaf fellowship and worship on the 10th.   We have a great time together.   There is a seat for you!!


POST DATE:  JUNE 1, 2019

HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!    Join us June 11th as we celebrate Fathers Day!!!!

Movie Night  June 22   5-8pm    "A Night With the King"   See description of this movie in our newsletter this month



POST DATE:   May 1, 2019


Join us on May 11th  at 5pm as we celebrate this special day!!!!

What a blessing for all of us that our mother's chose to give us life!!!   Each one of you are special and unique, designed by God Himself...the Master of the Universe knows your name!!!   Psalm 139 expresses God's perfect knowledge of us!!!   Read it and be blessed! 


POST DATE:    April 5, 2019

Happy Easter!!!    Join us for special Easter dinner and worship  April 13th.   DInner at 5pm Worship at 6pm

God loves you!!   Jesus came so that we can live with our sins forgiven.  If you are not following Jesus, give us a call, text or email.  We will help you know Gods love and forgiveness.   You can live a victorious life following Christ!!!!




POST DATE:   MARCH 1, 2019

Spring is on the way!!!   Don't be discouraged!!!  The seasons come and go and leave us with the awesome truth that God is in control!   His mercies are new every day!!!

Deaf worship and fellowship March 9th and MOVIE NIGHT March 23..."Time Changers!"  Check out this months newsletter for details!!


POST DATE:   February 1, 2019

Winter is here and it is cold outside!   Come warm up at Deaf Fellowship and worship February 9th.  Enjoy Valentines Day this month!!!

Bible Study Class will begin March 10th at Phyllis's house.   Check with her for schedule changes 

Post Date:  January 1, 2019

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!     As we look to 2019, come and be a part of all the events for the Deaf at Memorial Baptist CHurch!!

We have a movie this month on the 26th....check out the newsletter for this month for details.



Post Date:   November 5, 2018

Don't miss our annual THANKSGIVING DINNER on November 10th at 5pm.....TURKEY AND ALL THE TRIMMINGS!!!

Praying you will have a great Thanksgiving with your friends and family!!!

Join  our Deaf Class on Sunday Nights at 6pm.  We are studying about what we believe about God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.



Post Date:  October 9, 2018

Join us for a great time of fellowship and worship Saturday, October 13th....

MOVIE NIGHT     October 27     "I Can Only Imagine"  Movie will be captioned....Popcorn & Pizza provided!!!


Post Date:   August 18, 2018

Fall is fast approaching!!   Join us for fall events and prepare for the soon coming holidays!!!   Alot of excitement brewing!!!!



Post date:  July 30, 2018

It is a busy summer.   We enjoyed a mission trip to Bambi Lake (Roscommon, MI) to work around camp.  Then enjoyed a weekend Deaf Retreat.

Hope to see you at Deaf Worship  August 11th.   If you cant make it, give me a call and we will have lunch!!



Post date:   June 30, 2018

Happy 4th of July!!!!!  Be sure to check the July Newsletter....It has all the information for tDeaf Camp August 3-5!!   If you need help registering, contact Phyllis!!

Would love to see all of you there!!!   It will be a great weekend.



Post date:   June 4, 2018

Happy Fathers Day!!!   Come join us for a great celebration on June 9th....Special gifts for all the men who come!!!


Post date:   April 7, 2018

How exciting as we face 2018 with all kinds of activity.

We have begun to have a movie night bi-monthly. Be sure to check out our monthly newsletters to get information on all of the activities , services  and events.

 Attend Deaf worship April 12th for our special Easter service!!!