Memorial Baptist Church











We cooperate voluntarily with the Southern Baptist

Convention, the Baptist State Convention of Michigan

and the Motor Cities Metro Baptist Associan.

We cooperate with other groups of like faith and practice for

short term projects.


Values and Beliefs

Our statement of beliefs is detailed in the Baptist

Faith and Message (Revised and adopted SBC

May 9, 1998).


7 Key Values That Guide Our Ministry:


Bible is our only authority for faith & practice


Accepting Christ is the only way to Heaven


Priesthood of every believer for ministry


Testimony of our faith (Baptism & Lord’s Supper)


Inviting other to Christ & His church is our priority


Stewardship of time, talent and resources is our joy


The world is our missions field



Are you a Church Member?
(It's God's Spiritual Family)
* We welcome everyone to become a member when
You> become a Christian (Romans 10:8-13)
and> experience believers baptism
(Matthew 13-17, Romans 6)

or> transfer your membership from a sister church of like faith and practice.
*at invitation time in any public service come forward to join our church,
Pastor Herb will greet you with encouragement and prayer.
*Need more information? Check out our personal commitment guide/church
membership guide in the foyer or contact Pastor or Deacons.